Public Transit Recordings Inc. Online Store Policies and Terms of Sale:

1) NO REFUNDS: Once your records and CDs have been shipped and received, Public Transit Recordings will not accept a return. We will not issue a refund on returned items.

2) LOST SHIPMENTS: For items that do not get delivered to the customer by the time specified, please contact us at and we will make arrangements to resend the lost shipment. The lost order cannot be refunded only replaced at no charge to you.

3) DAMAGED ITEMS: For items that are damaged during shipment contact us We will make arrangements to receive the damaged items back and then send new products in return. The damaged shipment cannot be refunded only replaced at no charge to you.

4) CANCELLATION for WRONG SHIPPING DESTINATION: Make sure you select the correct shipping destination. If your address does not correspond with the shipping destination chosen, your order will be cancelled. You will not receive your music and a we will have to refund your order. If you have any questions contact us at

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