Mediocre/LA Contradiction by Voice

"Mediocre/LA Contradiction EP, Voice uses her innovative style and razor sharp delivery to comment on the state of Hip Hop in 2005. On Mediocre, she takes aim at the less-than-stellar talent flooding the mainstream hip hop industry, catching wreck over the chopped up breakbeats of Canadian beat maestro Moonstarr. On L.A. Contradiction and Sign Where?, Voice collaborates with Murr (aka Mr. Murray of the Da Grassroots / LAL) to create two serious headnod inducers. On LA Contradiction she rhymes about the realities of living in Los Angeles, laying it out that its definitely NOT about the glitz and glamour. And Sign Where? posts a warning to all emcees planning on signing a major label deal to watch that fine print.

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Artist: Voice
Title: Mediocre/LA Contradiction
Release type: MP3
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Catalog: PTR-DA1214
Release date: 2007-05-09

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Mediocre/LA Contradiction

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