Next Stop by Various Artists

Public Transit Recordings is one of those record labels that has quietly carved a pocket for all that music we’ll be listening to in 10 years time. Its “Future Now” philosophy permeates its ethos, whether guided by electronic soul tapping into a wider state of consciousness or gritty hip hop that actually says something while you move that ass. Its dubbed-out socialelectroconcious poetics with politics. In its storied 10-year history, surviving the ups and downs of the music biz and holding steady on what moves its core, PTR has remained committed to supporting and releasing innovative music that makes a statement. The idea behind the name of the label still holds true a decade since it's inception; A wide variety of people getting together for a moment in time, coming from different walks of life, different backgrounds, different life experiences all traveling together to one common destination. PTR artists take a ride on the idea that we must continue to explore the possibilities that music can say something while it makes you move, that you can think a bit about the world around you and be open to change while you nod your head on some sick swing.

Consider this compilation. Soul music is the thread and the songs are it's children who push the conventional into different tangents and headspaces. They all travel towards timeless music that makes sense now, and will make more sense in the future. Listen to the realness, the rawness. It is pure heart and soul poured in by real people scrambling for rent money, hustling to get their artistic ideas out to the wider world, working through sleepless nights to make deadlines, getting down on a dancefloor to shake the blues away. This isn't a trend, this is life. This is Next Stop.

Artwork by: Calvin Clyke

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1Voice" Fantasy Pt1" (Think Twice Rmx)MP3 Preview $0.99
2Karma & Lotus "The Notice + Lost Beat Revised"MP3 Preview $0.99
3Think Twice "Stars"MP3 Preview $0.99
4LAL "Erase Me"MP3 Preview $0.99
5Tony Ezzy "Give A Damm"MP3 Preview $0.99
6Moonstarr "Broken Bossa"MP3 Preview $0.99
7Arch_typ "3333"MP3 Preview $0.99
8LAL "Saturn (Alister Johnson Rmx)"MP3 Preview $0.99
9LAL "Dancing the Same (Abacus Remix)"MP3 Preview $0.99
10Murr "Addiction"MP3 Preview $0.99
11Incubator "Dakar Pockey"MP3 Preview $0.99
12Grahmzilla "Bionic"MP3 Preview $0.99
13Moonstarr "Into the Out" feat. Sarah LinharesMP3 Preview $0.99
14iNSiDEaMiND "The Tiniest Spy"MP3 Preview $0.99
15Aadm "Piercing"MP3 Preview $0.99
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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Next Stop
Release type: MP3
Other Release Types: MP3 for $ 0  
Catalog: PTR-DA016
Release date: 2008-10-02

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Next Stop

Various Artists

Public Transit Recordings Inc. 3096 Danforth Ave, Unit 1, Suite 342, Toronto, Ontario M1L 1B1 Canada +1-416-410-3475 info(at)

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