The Truth About Rap by More or Les

Funny and highly lyrical, The Truth About Rap is an infectious, socially meaningful urban excursion in--to the territories rarely (or never) explored by the braggadocious, materialistic thug rap that pervades the commercial airwaves.

With this release, More Or Les takes a baby step back from producing to concentrate on lyrics. His beats appear on only two tracks, Fun!!! and The Wrong Way, with a shared production credit on Blue In the Face and Amped.

Taking over production duties are Montreal's Moonstarr, Toronto's Kilgour and D-Ray of Rhythmicru fame, the Jack Baker Trio and Bryn "Dusty" Griffiths from the UK, Vancouver's Self Evident, Maritimers Beatmason & Jesse Dangerously, and Scarboro homeboy Vangel.

The Truth About Rap lyrics touch on such noteworthy topics as gun violence, N-word usage, sexism, the perils of busking, letting one's boy rap, memories of SARS, and brunch, Les's favourite three meals of the day.

No. Track Title Format Preview Purchase Price
1Eat Your Food!MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
2Best Foot Forward - feat. Cale Sampson of RhythmicruMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
3Blue In the Face - feat. Latte D. KydMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
4Sucka WordMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
5Amped!MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
6BubblegumMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
7Heart AttackMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
8TensionMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
9You & You - feat. SJ the WordburglarMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
10Brunch!MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
11Rocket FuelMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
12Cello Shots - feat. D-Ray of RhythmicruMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
13Shooting People & Disrespecting WomenMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
14Everybody OutsideMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
15The Wrong WayMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
16Yo, Let My Boy Rap!MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
17The Best Kinda' MeMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
18Fun!!!MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
19The EndMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
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Artist: More or Les
Title: The Truth About Rap
Release type: MP3
Other Release Types: MP3 for $ 8.99   CD for $ 9.99  
Catalog: PTR-DA011
Release date: 2007-06-12

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