Gumbo by Voice

Voice is a true Hip Hop Renaissance woman, and her album Gumbo has gained worldwide critical acclaim for her incendiary lyrics and steady laidback vocal style. Gumbo tells the story of a woman just trying to be herself in a world of full of everyday hustle, negativity, bullshit consumerism and misogyny. Recorded in New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, Gumbo fuses a vibrant cross section of underground urban music into a unique sonic palette while covering significant ground lyrically. Through the varied production work moving through soul to future jazz to dreamy downtempo from PTR honcho Moonstarr, Canadian heavyweight Murr (LAL, Da Grassroots), rising star Catalist (Do Right! Music) and UK's Marc Mac (4hero, Visioneers), Voice keeps everything on point like a smooth thick stew, lyrics sticking to your bones and keeping you full and satisfied.

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1Fantasy pt1MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
2NecksnapMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
3All Too CommonMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
4Clock InMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
5Sunny Outside (..In LA)MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
6Baby BoyMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
7Guerilla Hustlin'MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
8Know RhythmMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
9Circus Tourist (Inst)MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
10L.A. ContridictionMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
11Total EclipseMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
12MediocreMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
13Sign Where?MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
141000 SummersMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
15Baby Boy RemixMP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
16Baby Boy (Moonstarr Bop Mix)MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
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Artist: Voice
Title: Gumbo
Release type: MP3
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Catalog: PTR-DA008
Release date: 2007-05-11

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Mediocre/LA Contradiction

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