The Blue Night Network by Various Artists

PTR's 2nd release. A compilation taking the listener on a journey through Toronto's Transit System at 4 am. Standout tracks from Moonstarr, Genetic, Cold Mission, LAL and More.

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1Moonstarr "No Comprimise"MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
2Genetic "Urgency"MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
3Cold Mission "Shallow Grave"MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
4Monochrome "Real Times"MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
5Daniel Lui "10:1"MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
6M-Rock "Fader in the Middle"MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
7Audix "Plaza"MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
8Murr "Lansdowne"MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
9LAL "Corners"MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
10Aadm "Blackout"MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
11Enhanced "Phlop"MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
12Matt Thibedeau "Wrong Signals"MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
13Maxelle "The French Connection"MP3 Preview Buy Track $0.99
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Artist: Various Artists
Title: The Blue Night Network
Release type: MP3
Other Release Types: MP3 for $ 8.99   CD for $ 9.99  
Catalog: PTR-DA002
Release date: 2007-05-09

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