Variations in Time: A Jazz Perspective by Andy Williams

What is Jazz? Jazz fans and critics alike have struggled to define this constantly-evolving musical form. Andy Williams, veteran DJ and compiler of the new "Variations in Time: A Jazz Perspective" fundraising compilation on Public Transit Recordings (PTR), has a few words for the music: Colourful. Passionate. Soulful. Electrifying. Witty. Raw. Heavy. Off-kilter. Deep.

The 13 artists Andy hand-picked to grace Variations do more justice bringing the essence of the "Great Black Music" to life. Whether hip hop, spoken word, soul, free or funky, the diverse artists on this PTR compilation share common ground in the Nile of jazz. Andy’s been embracing and linking music for more than 30 years through experiences in Jamaica, England, West Africa, Montreal and Toronto, and he curates PTR's first deep jazz compilation for those who know – and need to know. All proceeds of the CD compilation will go to a cause that inspired Andy, the Tyndale St. George’s Community Centre in Montréal.

Some of the highlights on Variations in Time are Avram Fefer Trio’s "Loss (for Flo)" a slow rimshot groover, featuring Avram's saxophone floating over top of smooth chord changes. Montreal-based Ric'key Pageot and Jazzma provide the tropical piano-propelled "Yoyo (Haitian Folk Melody)." Guitarist Rainer Weins and Afrobeat outfit Follow Follow contribute the insistent groove of "Forks of the Wa." Co-founder of N.O.M.A. and composer for theatre, television and film, Rainer lets the funk loose in a track that mixes a little Fela with some prime Gary Bartz. "We Need Love" is a captivating blend of influences ranging from Leon Williams and Gil Scott-Heron to labels like Strata East or Black Jazz. Delivered by Los Angeles-based Bongo & Return of the Medicine Men, it meshes provocative vocals with musical interludes to startling result.

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1Avram Fefer Trio- Loss For Flo CD Preview Buy Track $0.99
2Unity - Theme for RahsaanCD Preview Buy Track $0.99
3Ric'key Pageot & Jazzma - YoYo (Haitian Folk Melody)CD Preview Buy Track $0.99
4Eval Manigat - Ra MonkCD Preview Buy Track $0.99
5Clifton Joseph - Chant for MonkCD Preview Buy Track $0.99
6Karma & Lotus - Monk SwingCD Preview Buy Track $0.99
7Follow Follow - Forks of the WaCD Preview Buy Track $0.99
8The Mebusas - Son of a BulldogCD Preview Buy Track $0.99
9Corey Mwamba - Brain Strain LiveCD Preview Buy Track $0.99
10Billy Bang featuring Don Cherry - Echo Vamp 1678CD Preview Buy Track $0.99
11Amina & Amiri Baraka - Nightmare Bush'it WhirlCD Preview Buy Track $0.99
12Franco Micalizzi - Flute SequenceCD Preview Buy Track $0.99
13Return of the Medicine Men - We Need LoveCD Preview Buy Track $0.99
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Artist: Andy Williams
Title: Variations in Time: A Jazz Perspective
Release type: CD
Other Release Types: CD for $ 9.99   2XLP for $ 20   MP3 for $ 8.99  
Catalog: PTR-CD009
Release date: 2008-04-29

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