Scattered Snares - Across the Tracks by Various Artists

Scattered Snares "Across the Tracks", showcasing underground producers from the UK and North America. Following in the footsteps of PTR compilations Code:416 and Blue Night Network, this compilation CD meshes different styles such as broken beats, organic sounds and hip hop to take listeners on a diverse breakbeat journey. Originally compiled and released in the UK by Marc Mac (4 Hero) on Twisted Funk Records (2002), this compilation CD has been reworked and tweaked slightly by the PTR crew, for the exclusive North American version called Scattered Snares "Across the Tracks".

No. Track Title Format Preview Purchase Price
1Sonar Circle "Homebound"CD $0.99
2Hopper feat. Carina Andersson "Spiritually Active Understanding" CD $0.99
3Somatik "Prismatik"CD $0.99
4Cold Mission "D H Suffle"CD $0.99
5Getnice "Jury Beat"CD Preview Buy Track $0.99
6Nu Era "Music Inside Machine"CD $0.99
7Arch tight "Chase scene with zero"CD Preview Buy Track $0.99
8Rustic Hut "Fat Head Paranoia"CD Preview Buy Track $0.99
9Prophet of Soul "2 Minute Girl"CD $0.99
10Moonstarr feat. Voice "B B Girl"CD Preview Buy Track $0.99
11Greyscale "RGB Funk"CD Preview Buy Track $0.99
12Nubian Mindz "Burning"CD $0.99
13Paradox "Transfigured Knut"CD $0.99
14Nucleus "Suspended Animation"CD $0.99
Buy CD Album $9.99
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Scattered Snares - Across the Tracks
Release type: CD
Other Release Types: CD for $ 9.99  
Catalog: PTR-CD005
Release date: 2003-07-24

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