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New Orleans-based emcee Voice brings the heat on her follow-up single from her debut album release Gumbo. Hip Hop's true Renaissance woman has been mad busy this past year. Besides dropping the fantastic Gumbo full-length and touring spots in Europe, Canada and the US to rock nuff heads live, Voice laced her razor-sharp flow over tracks on the Visioneers Dirty Old Hip Hop LP (BBE Records), zero dB Bongos Bleeps and Basslines LP (Ninja Tune) and the just-released Wax Tailor full-length. Time was taken to assess the next move. And here it is: the Fantasy pt. 1 remix 12. Pure ill shit. Features remixes courtesy of PTR stalwart producers Think Twice, Moonstarr and GetNice. Watch this rock even the toughest head.

For this 12", Voice's laid back style meshes flawlessly with the boom bap niceness wrought by Montreal's Think Twice. Fierce drum kicks looped with a sweet flute sample and pure summertime keys will sound ill blasting out some bass woofers in your ride. Next GetNice, a long time PTR contributor, steps up to the plate and knocks out a simple but head banging retake of Mediocre. While, Moonstarr's mix is a jazzier take on the original Fantasy Pt. 1, flipping the swing and grabbing onto necksnap action on an obtuse angle.

Voice's combination of conscious lyrics, humour and classic beats makes her a force to be reckoned with. Growing up the daughter of a classically trained jazz singer and an actor, it seemed inevitable to express herself through art and music. Voice gravitated towards her love of Hip Hop culture at an early age, studying the pioneers like Public Enemy, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, The Pharcyde, Eric B. & Rakim, MC Lyte, KRS-ONE. Inspired by them and more recent movers like Bahamadia, Big L, Aceyalone and Medusa, Voice strives to channel the passion, commentary, innovation and delivery that made them great into her own style and flow on the mic.

No. Track Title Format Preview Purchase Price
1Fantasy Pt. 1 (Think Twice Remix Clean)12" Preview Buy Track $0.99
2Fantasy Pt. 1 (Think Twice Remix Dirty)12" Preview Buy Track $0.99
3Fantasy Pt. 1 (Think Twice Remix Instrumental)12" Preview Buy Track $0.99
4Mediocre (Getnice Cheap and Dirty Remix)12" Preview Buy Track $0.99
5Mediocre (Getnice Cheap and Dirty Remix Instrumental)12" Preview Buy Track $0.99
6Fantasy Pt. 1 (Moonstarr Remix - Dirty)12" Preview Buy Track $0.99
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Artist: Voice
Title: Voice Remixes
Release type: 12"
Other Release Types: 12" for $ 5.99   MP3 for $ 3.99  
Catalog: PTR-1217
Release date: 2007-12-14

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Voice Remixes


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