Across the Tracks Ep by Various Artists

The EP begins with Toronto-based Get Nice (aka Genetic) and his funky and mystical Jury Beat. After chimes start off the session, Get Nice cuts up a mean beat with waves of chords that testify. Get Nice was last seen on The Blue Night Network before locking himself in the lab, only to emerge for Across the Tracks.

The next track pumps up the bass with mysterious outfit Greyscale on the colourful RGB Funk. On the track, crashing beats collide with ambient flutes and Q-Bert leaps to make this one of Across the Tracks standout tracks.

The b-side begins with another Canadian nu-jazz contender Rustic Hut with the beat heavy Fathead Paranoia. Constructed late at night as he fought off the fear of 60s saxophone icon David Newman, Fathead is a dancefloor filler that keeps its groove through sonic deconstructions. Look out for more from Toronto's best-kept secret Rustic Hut.

Last but definitely not least, if you like the broken in broken beat, than Chase Scene With Zero is the shit. Alias whore Arch Tight slices and dices horns, symbols and bass to create a slo-mo run for your life. Known to his Columbus, Ohio crew as Monochrome or Archetype, Chase Scene proves that Arch Tight is pushing the west London scene forward from the U.S. Midwest. This track is available for the first time on Scattered Snares Across the Tracks.

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1Getnice "Jury Beat"12" Preview Buy Track $0.99
2Greyscale "RGB Funk"12" Preview Buy Track $0.99
3Rustic Hut "Fat Head Paranoia"12" Preview Buy Track $0.99
4Arch tight "Chase scene with zero"12" Preview Buy Track $0.99
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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Across the Tracks Ep
Release type: 12"
Other Release Types: MP3 for $ 2.99   12" for $ 5.99  
Catalog: PTR-1211
Release date: 2003-06-01

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