Future Classic Radio Nov.22 09

DOMU Futrospective!!

 If you haven't heard the news DOMU is taking a break so we decided to dedicate this weeks show to a quick taste of what he created for us. His sounds will be missed.

Future Classic Radio
Nov 22/09

Sonar Circle - Underground (Reinforced)
Sonar Circle - Soul (Reinforced)
Sonar Circle - More Time (Reinforced)
Sonar Circle - Inside (Reinforced)
Domu feat. Nix - Last Time (Archive)
Domu - Message to Omar (Visions)
Domu - Groove Some (2000 Black)
Cinematic Orchestra - Man with a Movie Camera (Domu remix) (Ninja Tune)
Domu feat. Face - Save It (2010 Black)
Domu feat. Yolanda - Dangerous Times (Coop)
Domu - I Got What You Need ?  - white / demo

Filesize: 54.93 MB Duration: 60 Minutes

Download: http://www.ptrmusic.com/radio/FutureClassicRadio-20091122.mp3

ITunes Subscription Link: itpc://www.ptrmusic.com/podcast_fcr.php

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