PTR Radio Show - May 14 07

Dialect throws down some new and upcoming PTR choons.

1) Scarborough RT (Taken From MetroPass EP - 1999)
2) LAL - Saturn (Alister John son Remix) - Taken from PTR1216 LAL Remixes
3) Voice - Fantasy Pt1 (Think Twice Remix) - Taken from PTR1217 Voice Remixes
4) Think Twice - People Wanna Know, taken from the forthcoming ThinkTwice EP
5) Moonstarr - Clappy (New moonstarr heater taken from instrumentals forever)
6) Karma and Lotus - Monk Swing (taken from Monk Swing EP)
7) LAL - Erase Me "Taken from LAL's new forthcoming album Deportation

Filesize: 30.11 MB MB Duration: 26 Minutes


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