Bruckbeat Radio - April 25, 2016- Part 2

Lil retrospective on Dego's music from tha R to 2000 Black in advance of his gigs in TO and MTL

Check us on Twitter  during the show Heard live 10pm to 11pm EST Monday Nights on radioregent

Part 2 Track list:

Code 071 "A London Sumtin'" (The Tek 9 Reinterpretation)
Tek 9 "Rude Bwoy run tings"
Tom and Jerry "Know about it"
Internal Affairs "Hands to Heaven" 
Jacob’s Optical Stairway "Fusion formula (The Metamorphosis)" feat. Juan Atkins
4 Hero "Star Chasers" (4 Hero Version Excursions Vocal)
Global Communication "The Groove" (Dego's 2000 Black Reinterpretation)
Glen Scott "Heaven" (4 Hero Dub Version)
Capital A "Da'Bring Back"
Cousin Cockroach "This Ain't Tom and Jerry"
Plutonia "Wear your size"
FaltyDL "She Sleeps" (2000Black Remix)             
Dego & Kaidi (2000 Black) "Lose It" Featuring Face                   
silhouette brown "they can't tell us"                       
Tatham,Mensah,Lord & Ranks "Celebrate"                                
dego "Right from Wrong" feat Tosin Tao          
dego "We've Been Here Before" 
dego and the 2000 Black Family "Don’t stop (let it go)"  

Filesize: 69 MB Duration: 107 Minutes


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