Bruckbeat Radio - Feb 8, 2016

head nodding bruk funk in the mix..Astrological, Restless Soul, Wu15 pls more

Check us on Twitter  during the show Heard live 10pm to 11pm EST Monday Nights on radioregent


Astrological "Ashna"
Daye Jack "Stars Align"
Kooley High "The Cleaners"
The Mixtapers "Brother Jimmy"
Restless Soul Fun Band "Turn Me Out"
Quantic presents the Western Transient "Creation" (East LA) feat Jimetta Rose
Emanative "Unity"
A Band Called Flash "Peoples Palace (Devotion)"
Amana Melome  "Lock & Key" Mdcl Remix
Rive Gauche "Walking.." (Simbad Remix)
NY*AK "Shadow" feat. Mark Hand & MIsumami
Wu15 "The Anthem"

Filesize: 57 MB Duration: 58 Minutes


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