Bruckbeat Radio - Jan 6, 2014

1st show of 2014 feat some Jazz, Trio Bruxo, Hip Hop from Fineprint & Future Boogie from Dego&Kaidi

Check us on Twitter  during the show Heard live 10pm to 11pm EST on radioregent


Trio Bruxo "Capoeira"                                                                                       
Vijay Iyer Trio "The Star of a Story"                                           
Fineprint  "Greener Pastures"                               
Fatima  "La Neta"                                                                                                                       
Dr Zygote "Caroline"                                            
Precious Lo's "More Than Friends"
Precious Lo's "Fly Away"
Amenta "Mesmerized"
I.Khan "Enchanted Ending"
Fineprint "Yell Sub"                                       
Beat Spacek "Alone In Da" Sun                                               
Recloose  "You Just Love You"                              
Illum Sphere "Sleeprunner" (Zed Bias Remix)                                  
Dego & Kaidi  "Acting Up On Shit That Dont Count"                                             
Zattar  "You're Alone"                                                  
--Announcements and Stuff--                                                 
Jaimeo Brown "Mean World"                                                    
Tommaso Cappellato "Cosm'Ethic"  

Filesize: 75 MB Duration: 78 Minutes


ITunes Subscription Link: itpc://

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