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    Moonstarr @ Thump

Show Title: Moonstarr @ Thump
Venue: CFC (Formerly Zoobizarre)
Address: 6388 St-Hubert ,Montreal,QC, Canada

Show Information:

...and Thump had a groove. And from this groove came the groove of all grooves. 
And while one day viciously throwing down on our box, we boldly declared “Let There Be Thump” and Thump was born.

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March 12th, 2011 (2nd Saturday of every month)

at CFC (the old Zoobizarre, 6388 St-Hubert)

Featuring special guest DJ set by Moonstarr (ptrmusic.com)

Hosted by resident djs : The One Tash (Future Classic Radio / CKUT)
Mark Vicente (soundcloud.com/markvicente) & sweet daddy luv (djluvsrecords.com)

THUMP was born out of the basic principle that “house is a feeling”. Not so much a strict musical guideline, more of an attempt to create a fun-loving party where people can dance the night away. We intend to make a space where the music is good for the mind, body and soul and the crowd is genuine, smiling and dancing. We will lift you up and take you higher. Can you hear it, it's getting closer. THUMP.


Moonstarr : Moonstarr is one busy cat. If he's not busy on the phone holding things down on the biz side for his label Public Transit Recordings, the man's hunkered down behind closed doors over his synths, drum machines, and samplers to bang out some killer beats. Citing such diverse influences as Baden Powell, 4 Hero, DJ Premier, and Underground Resistance, Moonstarr's sound can only be classified as DOPE. Everything he touches carries imprints of deep techno, jazz, hip hop, bossa, and broken beat, resulting in tracks that step far into the future.

The One Tash : Whether behind-the-scenes, in the middle of the dance floor, over the airwaves or on the turntables, it's all about getting good music out to good people for The One Tash. A simple code to live by, but as far as she's concerned, it's the only code. Hailing from Toronto & making Montreal home for the last 7 years, The One Tash has commandeered parties at various establishments far and wide, produces 'Future Classic Radio' on CKUT FM, and generally gets up to no good in the studio working on projects slated for leaks in 2011. She recently kicked off a new night called Thump where 'house is a feeling'. Expect a wide array of sounds where bass, soul, and the boogie congregate, all emanating from a speaker stack near you.

Mark Vicente : Mark Vicente has been behind these decks for years now, spinning his wares in Toronto, Montreal, NYC and Las Vegas (for Cirque de Soleil). Most recently he has been holding down regular residencies at the Houston Restaurants but continues to do one offs regularly (including an Alouettes Grey Cup party). You can check out one of his mixes at www.soundcloud.com/markvicente .

sweet daddy luv : sweet daddy luv came onto the scene as an innocent dj in 1994 and has since spun at a zillion parties, including many club residencies. luv branched off and has released his own productions (Identification, The Dorkestra), co-ran the label C0C0S0L1DC1T1, was one third of real live band The Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet, and has performed live and spun all over North America, Europe and Australia. All the while dedicating 12 years to helping run North American operations for the mighty Ninja Tune (including sister labels Big Dada and Counter Records). sweet daddy luv continues to come correct from deep within his Record Canyon with his latest endeavor, www.djluvsrecords.com, where he puts up weekly dj mixes of various genres, eras and styles for the people.

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