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    In the Red: Revolution for Our Hearts

Show Title: In the Red: Revolution for Our Hearts
Venue: Blue Moon
Address: 725 Queen Street East ,Toronto,On, Canada

Show Information:

Artists Vox Sambou and LAL peform live at this years Mayworks festival in Toronto!

In the Red: Revolution for Our Hearts

Saturday April 25, 8 pm, $10-$15 s/s

The Blue Moon Pub, 725 Queen Street East

year’s opening night features a medley of artists and performers who
are guaranteed to pick up your spirits in this economic downturn. As
independent artists these performers are intimately familiar with
making the most out of lean times. Bring your friends, your loved ones,
even your ex-boss and enjoy an evening of performances that will make
you feel like you’re in the black again! Featuring: LAL, a collective of musicians that include vocalist Rosina Kazi, laptop musician Nicholas “Murr” Murray and bassist Ian de Souza.
The group fuses South Asian roots, West Indian fruits, and melancholic
vocals with jazz sensibilities, hip-hop influences, down tempo grooves,
broken soul and electro. Prepare to be intoxicated! Born in the town of
Limbé in Northern Haiti, hip-hop artist Vox Sambou has been writing and performing since age 14. A founding member of the international crew Nomadic Massive,
he desires to bring light the injustices taking place worldwide and
particularly in Haiti. Critical, powerful, fulfilling: just some of the
words audience members have used to describe Climbing PoeTree’s performances. With roots in Haiti and Colombia, Alixa and Naima reside in Brooklyn, and their flawless cadence and impeccable lyricism tell powerful stories. Poet and spoken word performer La Loba is
an educator/agitator/artist whose work aims to challenge and provoke
community discussion on gender, the environment and the ‘visible
minority’ experience. Shameless writes and performs
hip hop because music and poetry sustain us and connect us to each
other across differences. She explores everything from anti-racism and
queer identities to sex-positivity and conquering hopelessness. MataDanZe is an independent Toronto based interpretative dance group that will perform La Raza Cozmica
(The Cosmic Race), an anti-racism choreography with live music that
interprets the European conquest of Latin America. Not to be missed!

More info... http://www.mayworks.ca/


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