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    LAL @ Eclectik 08

Show Title: LAL @ Eclectik 08
Venue: Mai Gallery
Address: 3680 rue Jeanne-Mance ,Montreal,Quebec, Canada

Show Information:

LAL dans le cadre l'eclectik 08

Vendredi , le 20 Juin 2008 --- 22:00 hr.
MAI ( Montreal, arts interculturels )
3680 rue, Jeanne-Mance
Montréal, Québec


::: Au sujet de LAL :::

La musique de LAL est issue d'une collaboration entre la chanteuse Rosina Kazi, le compositeur de musique électronique Murray (alias "Murr" ), le bassiste Ian DeSouza, et le percussionniste Rakesh Tewari. Les membres de LAL ont des origines de l'Ouganda, du Bangladesh, des Barbades et de l'Inde.

LAL est un groupe protestataire et engagé. Leur nouvel album, Deportation, vient tout juste de sortir en mai 2008. Nous espérons que vous supporterez l'art indépendant et viendrez nous voir!

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Public Transit Recordings and the MAI ( Montréal, arts interculturels )are proud to present

LAL performs in eclectik 08

(A spectacular multimedia event including LAL performing material from their 3rd album,Deportation,
along with dance, poetry, and video projections)

Also launching LAL' new video, Wasteland ( produced by David Fernandez )

Don't Miss it!


Friday, June 20, 2008   10 pm
MAI ( Montreal, arts interculturels )
3680 rue Jeanne Mance
Montreal, Quebec
with special guests :
Faisal Anwar, José Garcia, Meena Murugesan,
 Atif Siddiqi, and Ehab Lotayef



:::About LAL :::

LAL's music is the outcome of a collaboration between vocalist Rosina
Kazi, electronic music composer and producer Nick Murray (a.k.a.
"Murr"), bassist Ian DeSouza, and percussionist Rakesh Tewari.

From LAL: "LAL is a protest band representing Uganda, Bangladesh,
Barbados and India. Our new record 'Deportation' will be coming out in
May 2008. We hope you will support independent art and come out!

"The new record is called 'Deportation' and it was creatively triggered
by 9/11 and it's affects, the deportation of Queen Nzinga [an artist and
activist who was deported to Costa Rica on International Women's Day in
Toronto in 2004], and many others, Project Threadbare [a campaign to
stop the deportation of 24 Pakistani men due to racist immigration and
nationalsecurity measures], our experiences as migrant peoples, our
travels, andthose we've met along the way, our thoughts & spirits as
individuals andcommunities. We are grateful for the opportunity to make
music that speaks to issues of social justice."

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