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    Deportation CD Launch Montreal

Show Title: Deportation CD Launch Montreal
Venue: St. Gabriel's Church
Address: 2157 Centre St. (metro Charlevoix) ,Montreal,Quebec, Canada

Show Information:

Mayworks Montreal, the Committee to Support Abdelkader Belaouni, and Public Transit Records present...

TRY TO DEPORT US ALL: four walls/beats/deportation

*** LAL, launching their new album 'Deportation' ***

***and the debut performance of KADER B.B.B. & 23 ***

Saturday, May 3 -- 7:30 pm (doors)
St. Gabriel's Church**, 2157 Centre St. (metro Charlevoix)
$5 or by donation, no one turned away
ALL AGES, childcare available

Don’t miss it! Live performances from the Toronto-based group LAL, as they bring us the Montreal launch of their
new album 'Deportation,' and the debut of KADER B.B.B. & 23 (TU-THREE), with live cuts from their upcoming album 'No Human is an Island.'

**We regret that this space is NOT wheelchair accessible. Please contact
us if you have any questions or needs regarding accessibility or other
aspects of this event.**

:::About LAL :::

LAL’s music is the outcome of a collaboration between vocalist Rosina
Kazi, electronic music composer and producer Nick Murray (a.k.a.
“Murr”), bassist Ian DeSouza, and percussionist Rakesh Tewari.

From LAL: "LAL is a protest band representing Uganda, Bangladesh,
Barbados and India. Our new record 'Deportation' will be coming out in
May 2008. We hope you will support independent art and come out!

"The new record is called 'Deportation' and it was creatively triggered
by 9/11 and it's affects, the deportation of Queen Nzinga [an artist and
activist who was deported to Costa Rica on International Women's Day in
Toronto in 2004], and many others, Project Threadbare [a campaign to
stop the deportation of 24 Pakistani men due to racist immigration and
nationalsecurity measures], our experiences as migrant peoples, our
travels, andthose we've met along the way, our thoughts & spirits as
individuals andcommunities. We are grateful for the opportunity to make
music that speaks to issues of social justice."

For more information about LAL

:::About Kader B.B.B. & 23 (Tu-Three) :::

23 & Kader, 2 migrants to Canada (1 american, 1 algerian) joined forces early 2008 to collaborate on a musical concept that crosses borders, weaving Hip hop, Spoken Word, Pop, Downtempo & Raï into a modern gypsy-esque tapestry of fresh sounds & ideas. Stay tuned for the launch of their album, 'No Man is an Island', recorded from sanctuary at St. Gabriel's Church, Point St. Charles, (Montréal).

:: About Mayworks Montreal 2008 ::

A festival of working people and the arts, Mayworks! is a
multi-disciplinary arts festival that celebrates the building of
communities and people's struggles for social and economic justice.
Builton the remise that workers and artists share a common struggle for
decent wages, healthy working conditions and a living culture, Mayworks!
goal is to promote the interests of cultural workers and trade unionists
and to bring working-class culture from the margins of cultural activity
onto Mayworks! is Canada's largest and oldest labour arts festival
(founded in1986 by the Toronto and York Region Labour Council); this is
the first time the event will take place in Québec. Celebrating the
unique working-class culture of the Québec labour movement and the
changing face of the working class, Mayworks Montréal is organized on
the premise that in Montréal, making up 45% of the population,
immigrants are often relegated to the lowest ranks of the labour market
when Canadian institutions do not recognize their skills, professions,
and educations. For more information: 514-342-2111 or iwc_cti@yahoo.com

:: About the Committee to Support Abdelkader Belaouni ::

On 1 January 2006, over two years and four months ago, Abelkader
Belaouni,or Kader, a non-status Algerian man, took refuge in St.
Gabriel's churchin Montreal to avoid deportation from Canada. Despite an
extensive outpouring of support, he has remained a prisoner in the
church ever since, unable to leave for fear of being arrested and
deported. Kader's struggle has brought to light the racism and ableism
of Immigration Canada, and mirrors the struggles of many other refugees
and migrants in Canada and around the world, who are uprooted, denied
the right to seek a life of security and dignity, economically
marginalized, forced to live in precarity, imprisoned and threatened
with deportation.

For more information about the Committee to Support Abdelkader Belaouni
and how you can offer your support, contact us at:
soutienkader @ gmail.com or 514-848-7583


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