Think Twice

Born and raised on the west coast of Canada, it wasn’t until moving to Montreal that
THINK TWICE began to make a name for himself. While studying music at Concordia
University, he met Spencer Miller aka GOLDEN BOY, and formed the hip-hop group
SPECIFICS. The two went on to take Montreal by storm, opening for acts such as
Blackalicious, and Common, and releasing their debut album LONELY CITY to critical
and commercial success.

As the producer of all but one track on LONELY CITY, the album served as an introduc-
tion to THINK TWICE’s signature sound - a soulful and expressive blend of jazz, soul,
and hip-hop. With influences ranging from Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, and
Donald Byrd, to J Dilla, Hi-Tek, and Madlib, to Jermain Dupri, Just Blaze, and Jazze
Phae, THINK TWICE is a perpetual student of all types of music. Though most of his
music is made with an MPC and a stack of vinyl, THINK TWICE can also be found play-
ing the keys on record, be it on the Fender Rhodes, or on any number of synths.

In the two years since LONELY CITY, THINK TWICE has produced tracks for countless
other artists, and has also found time to complete work on his solo album, WITH A
LOOP AND SOME SWING. Featuring a diverse group of artists, including GOLDEN
BOY from SPECIFICS, this album picks up where LONELY CITY left off. For listeners
already familiar with his sound, WITH A LOOP AND SOME SWING is he perfect com-
panion to LONELY CITY; to those listening for the first time - enjoy.

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