Nomadic Massive

ENGLISH, FRENCH, CREOLE, SPANISH AND ARABIC Nomadic Massive is a Montreal based collective of independent Hip-Hop artists who have come together in an effort to combine their energies and spread their music across borders. The crew is made up of independent artists who share a similar vision of music and life as well as a desire to travel and experience the cultures of the world through their art. Although this collective is new, its members have been working in the music community for many years as artists but also as educators, street-workers, producers and other community oriented roles. WHY Nomadic Massive? Because they are cultural nomads, all uprooted since birth and latching on to Hip-Hop to express this disruption. The crew reps a cultural diversity reflective of the city they evolve in. They rap in English, French, Spanish, Creole and Arabic. Musical nomads representing an open-minded Hip-Hop which finds itís inspiration in the traditionís of the past, combining samplers, turntables and instruments. Nomad's Land is a reflection of that philosophy. Each song is steeped rich in meaningful wordplay and ideas about social injustice, what it means to be human, the interconnectedness of systems of repression and elitism, the human condition, true freedom, realization of self, love and intelligent braggadocio.

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"..a beautifully packaged nine-track LP, superbly polished, kickin' outta my speakers all crisp like it was made in a million-dollar L.A. studio..." Ottawa Xpress

"..the nine track EP is a celebration of the limitless reach of hip hop culture.." Montreal Mirror

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Nomadic Massive
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